Birth safely in the comfort of your own home.

Guided pregnancy, guarded birth.

Whether this is your first birth or your fifth, Midwife Cait will equip you with what you need to have the successful experience you deserve. This is your story. Let’s partner to write it: to make your sacred birth peaceful and safe.

Birth shouldn't be scary.

If a previous birth experience was traumatic, let’s bring healing through a powerful and honoring home birth. If this is your first journey on this path, rest assured that you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need. Trust your body’s wisdom!

Safely giving birth at home with a midwife

Midwifery is an ancient practice and has been both crucial and commonplace in cultures around the world. Welcoming a new life to the family in the sanctity of one’s own home, surrounded by loved ones, has been the norm for millennia. On the scale of human history, hospitals and out-of-home births are a relatively recent development.

Today, you are empowered with choice to have the best of both worlds: the intimacy and beauty of giving birth at home and the safety of modern medical practices.

Thorough Prenatal Testing

  • Blood, urine, and culture lab tests
  • Routine prenatal panels
  • 20-week anatomy scan
  • Early dating and post-dates ultrasound (as needed)
  • STD and genetic testing (optional)

Prenatal and Postpartum Visits

  • Every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks from 28 – 36 weeks
  • Weekly from 36 weeks to birth
  • 24-hour postpartum home visit
  • Day 3-4, home visit or phone consultation
  • 2- and 6-week postpartum appointments

About Midwife Cait

Cait Bourne

After birthing all five of my children with a midwife, I began my midwifery training. I apprenticed with 10 different midwives in the the DFW metro and attended births in homes, birth centers and hospitals. Now, most of my clients are repeats. It is a special privilege to serve families multiple times!

Payment Options

Healthshare, not insurance

Midwife Cait is not in network with any health insurers. However, she gladly works with healthshare ministries, such as Christian Healthcare Ministries Medi-Share and Samaritan Ministries. For those who qualify for Medicaid, a cash discount may apply.

Discounts for cash or bitcoin

Payment with cash or bitcoin is not only accepted, but Midwife Cait offers a cash discount, too! Venmo and Zelle work well. She also accepts payments in bitcoin. All options qualify for a fee reduction. Credit and debit cards are also accepted.

Happy Clients

“It’s been a year since my birth, and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was.”

– Krista

“Thank you for respecting my wishes. I had the birth I always dreamed of.”

– Sarah

“I’m SOOO thankful for everything you did. What an amazing experience!”

– Sophie

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